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Una has been a  a qualified  Acupuncture therapist in Glasgow for in excess of 15 years.

Acupuncture is the use of fine needles, which are inserted through the skin and left in position briefly. It is used to treat both physical and psychological conditions. A typical course of treatment would be once weekly for between 5 to 8 sessions. There is evidence to suggest that it has existed in some form  for over 5000 years in various parts of the world. In the past 30 years due to much public interest, scientific research in the UK  the practise has increased although there is much still to do.

I am an accredited member of the British Medical Acupuncture Society and am qualified to treat musculo-skeletal pain. It  can be used  to stimulate the nerves in skin and muscle and can increase the release of the body’s own painkillers called Endorphin and Serotonin. This alters how the pain signals are received.

It has been  has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on general health and many people report that they derive a sense of well being after acupuncture.

We use it as an adjunct to our other forms of treatment and if after discussion with you we feel it may be beneficial it can be incorporated into your treatment session

Type of Injuries it Helps

Acupuncture can be helpful in all musculo-skeletal problems from Osteo-arthritis to back pain to headaches.


acupuncture-glasgowYour physiotherapist will use disposable needles and palpate for specific  points or tender areas to insert the needles. The first session is generally shorter, lasting about 10 minutes, but this time will gradually increase over the next few sessions until it reaches 25 to 30 minutes. Sometimes the physiotherapist will find trigger points, which are acutely tender points in your muscle, and try to releases these points. Some people do not feel anything when the needle is inserted, however for the treatment to have a lasting effect it is generally considered that you should feel a sensation of ache or pressure or warmth or flow when the needle is inserted.

After treatment some people do experience a very short worsening of symptoms however this is commonly associated with a positive outcome and a sign that the acupuncture is having a beneficial effect.

You may feel sleepy or euphoric during or after a session therefore it is advisable not to do any long distance driving or anything requiring a lot of concentration after your first session, until you know how you are going to react. Redness around the needle site is also common and is a sign of improved circulation. A small bleed on removing the needle is possible with occasional bruising, but be reassured that this is of little clinical concern.

The outcome of acupuncture is different for different people, some feel immediate results but others may need 3 to 4 sessions before they feel an improvement. However on average only 6 treatments will be required for a full effect.

Case Studies

image-acupuncture-glasgow47-year-old male body builder with a painful right shoulder for 5 weeks. Attended for 4 sessions of acupuncture, with full recovery.

74-year-old lady with low back pain and right hip pain for 2 weeks. Attended for 5 sessions of acupuncture and was discharged 95% better.


Acupuncture in Glasgow can be of great help to those patients who are feeling pain in muscle and bones. With the help of acupuncture, the nerves that run in the skin and the affected muscles can  release endorphins and serotonin. These are the body’s natural painkillers  and are released naturally to help the body endure and repair itself . Acupuncture has not only been shown to improve several kinds of pains but has also proved quite significant in improving health.

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Acupuncture has shown a positive connection with patients’ wellbeing and it is beneficial for the patients. Acupuncture Glasgow can help the patients in treating several kinds of injuries and it can only be positive if they are aware of the benefits of acupuncture and its methodology.

Relevance of Acupuncture in Glasgow

This treatment can help in a lot of injuries. Patients suffering from frequent back pains can resort to acupuncture and get instant relief after some sessions. It has also proven to be quite helpful in many kinds of muscle and bone pains and has benefited patients suffering from complicated pains caused by numerous problems:  and it has  also worked  for simple issues like headaches.

Acupuncture Treatment

The treatment is done in a very professional manner. It is done by Una Robertson, an experienced physiotherapist who uses clean and disposable needles.The needles are very thin and specially designed for their job.Una has accreditation,training and experience which makes her use of acupuncture in Glasgow very effective These needles are then inserted through the skin in specific areas that are tender.

acupuncture in glasgowIt  does not normally have instant positive effects and it is rather a long process of achieving best results.

Patients considering this form of treatment should know that not all people have the same effects of acupuncture. Some people react very positively and  get better instantly, while some may require more sessions to see the same results.